Frank B. McCutcheon, Jr., MDWelcome

I am Frank B. McCutcheon, Jr., MD. I am a board certified* Plastic Surgeon and I have been performing Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for over 30 years. During this time it has been rewarding to help thousands of patients improve their appearance, self esteem and confidence through Cosmetic Surgery. It has also been one of my greatest privileges to help repair and restore those affected by cancer surgery or trauma through Reconstructive Surgery.

I am proud to have seen to see all of the remarkable advances made in the specialty of Plastic Surgery during this time. Many of these have come in a step-by-step fashion, building on the experience and judgment of excellent surgeons worldwide while some have been truly game changing leaps forward in the art and science of my chosen field. It is also true that I have been a Plastic Surgeon long enough to see many procedures and treatments come and go, either never quite living up to their initial claims and hopes or by being replaced by newer, more effective techniques.

  • Are you or a family member considering Cosmetic or Reconstructive Surgery?
  • Are you concerned about the experience and qualifications of your Plastic Surgeon?
  • Are you looking for honest, straightforward answers to your questions?
  • Do you want to discuss your goals without high pressure sales tactics by a doctor or their staff?

At Cosmetic Surgery of Asheville you will not find fads, gimmicks, secret techniques or promises that are “too good to be true”. Instead, I and my staff will treat you with honesty, openness and a realistic approach to your concerns while offering procedures and services that have both stood the test of time and represent the best of modern plastic surgery. Your health and well-being are always our primary concern.

If experience, judgement and honesty are as important to you as they are to us, call today.


*Board certification by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only certifying organization devoted exclusively to the full range of plastic and cosmetic surgery that is recognized by The American Board of Medical Specialties.


Smoking Really Does Cause Premature Aging – See For Yourself!

For years plastic surgeons have warned patients that smoking is one of the main causes of premature aging of their appearance. Now there is proof thanks to an interesting study using identical twins, one of whom smoked and one who didn’t. In my latest blog post I review how the study was done, the results of the study and also provide a couple of photographic examples that back up the study’s conclusions. Take a look.